The Old Mill - restaurant and hotel

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Whether in winter or summer, closer or further. The area around The Old Mill is really worth visiting.


There are monuments, palaces and castles here. Those eager for active rest will find here shipping and canoeing routes, ice rinks, ski slopes, bicycle routes and others. Fans of less dynamic attractions will be happy to go to concerts, open-air cinema or beaches that are really around. Check for yourself what you can find in the vicinity of the Stary Młyn Tavern.


Trail Of Monuments

The observation tower (tower of the late nineteenth century) in Giżycko - 8 km

Fortress Giżycko - 8 km

Bunker of Hitler in Gierłoż – 25 km

The former Wehrmacht Army headquarters in Mamerki – 25 km

Channel Mazury and locks – 30 km

Baroque monastery in Saint Lipka – 40 km

Museum of Mazury in Owczarnia - 25 km

Museum Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński in Praniu and concerts in music and poetry - 50 km

Galinida -where recreates the daily life of the former Prussian tribes Galinów

The town Mrongoville westerns in Mragowo – 50 km

Trail Of Castles And Palaces

Castle Hotel in Ryn – 25 km

The Gothic castle in Barciany

Gothic castle in Kętrzyn

The Gothic castle in Reszel

Palace in Sztynort – 30 km

Nature Trail


Forest City in Giżycko - a place for walks and recreation - 7 km

Zoo Safari Round - 25km

Wild Animal Park Kadzidłowo - 45 km

Deer Farm in Kosewo – 45 km

Borecka and bison – 35 km

Reserve on Lake Łuknajno
- ornithological reserve included in the international network of biosphere reserves – 30 km

Breeding tarpans Popielno Popielniański Peninsula - 40 km

Other Attractions

Antiques - the largest selection of antiques Eastern Mazury - 5 km

Ballooning – 20 km

Horseriding – 1 km - Upałty


Walking paths in Giżycko and near

Ruska Bania – 30 km


Golf Course – 20 km

Canoeing – along Sapina, the Teutonic Knights, Galind

Giżyckie organ concerts - 8 km

Cruise ships Mazury

Aqua Park Hotel Gołebiewski – 35 km

Core courses artistic ceramics

Massage - access to the place of qualified masseurs.

Roasting a pig or lamb on the hearth - on-site

Fireplace and BBQ - on-site

More Than 100 Km

Castle and the medieval town of Lidzbark -101 km

The Gothic castle in Olsztyn - 115 km

Gietrzwałd - Sanctuary of Our Lady – 120 km

City Vilnius – 300 km

Castle Troki in Lithuania

A trip to the Aqua Park in Druskininkai, Lithuania – 160 km

Snow Arena - Indoor ski lift open all year round - in Druskininkai, Lithuania – 160 km

Camaldolese monastery on Wigrami – 110 km

Attractions For Groups


Relaxation techniques with elements of breathing and yoga

Short cruise sailboats

Cruise ship



Things To Do In Winter


Cross-country skiing - at Old Mill

Downhillskis - skilifts Okrągłe k. Orzysza - 25km

Downhillskis - Ski Mrągowo – 50 km

Downhillskis - Ski Gołdap – 55 km

Downhillskis - Ski Szelmet near Suwalki – 100 km

Ice rink in Giżycko - 7 km

Sleigh Rides


Ice fishing - on site

Horse Riding under a roof - 1 km

Indoor tennis courts - 11 km

Bowling - 10 km

Aquapark in Mikołajki - 40 km

Aquapark in Wilkasy - 40 km

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